BD Micro-Fine Plus 0.30 (30G) * 8mm 100’s

BD Micro-Fine 8 mm needles are a high-quality product that has been designed to ensure the highest level of injection comfort. The specially designed blade easily pierces the skin, and the lubricant coating improves glide. Thanks to this, the administration of insulin is much less painful.


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Compatible with all pens

One of the key issues for the safety of diabetics is the compatibility of needles with pens. BD Micro-Fine 8 mm fits all devices available on the market. They ensure complete tightness of the connection, while being easy to install. Thanks to this, the needles can always be at hand, no matter what pen the patient uses.

The latest technologies – numerous advantages for patients

  • Full compatibility – BD Micro-Fine 8 mm needles fit all pens available on the market.
  • Thin walls – provide better insulin flow while maintaining a constant needle diameter.
  • Laser fixation – thanks to the use of a laser beam, the bond is extremely durable and smooth.
  • Unique blade geometry – the three-dimensional blade guarantees high durability and easy piercing of the skin.
  • Grinding – Each 8mm BD Micro-Fine needle is ground process free of any unwanted scraps of steel.
  • Electropolishing – thanks to this process, the needles are perfectly smooth, which facilitates injection and reduces pain.
  • Coating with a lubricant – this solution improves the glide of the needle, reducing the amount of force needed to pierce.


The BD Micro-Fine 8 mm needles consist of five elements, designed with attention to the smallest details.

  • Body – plastic part screwed directly to the pen;
  • Cannula – the passable part through which insulin flows;
  • Needle – a metal part 8 mm long, which is inserted directly under the skin;
  • Inner cover – made of plastic, removable part that protects the needle from damage;
  • Outer sheath – a plastic part that protects the entire pen needle from damage and bacteria.

The highest quality

Becton Dickinson insulin pen needles are manufactured to the highest standards. At each stage of their production, they undergo a number of quality checks. Special emphasis is placed on the quality of all components and the dimensions of the finished elements.

Thanks to this, BD Micro-Fine 8 mm meets the most stringent standards, such as: ISO 9623, ISO 11603 or EN 11608-2.

BD Micro-Fine Plus 0.30 (30G) * 8mm 100’s
BD Micro-Fine Plus 0.30 (30G) * 8mm 100’s


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