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Dermalex Atopic Eczema Cream Adult 30G

Dermalex Atopic Eczema cream is specially formulated to treat atopic eczema. Uniquely, it works in four ways:

  • Moisturizes the affected skin.
  • Replenishes the missing lipids to restore the skin’s protective barrier.
  • Prevents irritants and allergens from entering the skin and triggering new flare-ups.
  • MagneoLiteTM complex improves the skin’s own repair mechanism, reducing redness and irritation

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An effective treatment for the most common type of eczema. Dermalex Atopic Eczema cream treats the symptoms, moisturises and restores the skin barrier.

  • No steroids
  • Appropriate for long-term use
  • Safe to use on the face.

If you have atopic eczema, the protective barrier of the skin is weak. It cannot produce enough fats and oils (called lipids) that are needed to retain water and keep the skin moist and flexible. A dry and cracked skin makes access for irritants and bacteria easier.

Dermalex Atopic Eczema Cream Adult 30G
Dermalex Atopic Eczema Cream Adult 30G

KSh3,250.00 KSh3,100.00

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