Erovita Midstream Ovulation Kit 5’s

  • Rapid pregnancy test, detect levels of hormones in urine that increase during ovulation.
  • Urine Ovulation Self-test
  • Single-use test


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Erovita Midstream Ovulation kit is an easy to use and read kit. It offers you 99% accurate results within a short time frame of 5 minutes to help predict the time of ovulation and peak fertility.

Composition: Urine strip for Ovulation test.

Usage: Collect a sample of fresh morning urine in a clean container. Remove the test device from its protective pouch and lay it on a clean flat surface. Add 3 drops (approx. 15ml) in the sample window. Read results after 5 minutes. Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.

If T-Line is darker or the same as the C-Line it indicates the test is positive. The test is negative if the C-Line intensity is stronger than that of the T-Line. If no line appears in the control area, then the test is invalid.

For more information on storage and precautions, read the leaflet inside the packaging.

Erovita Midstream Ovulation Kit 5’s
Erovita Midstream Ovulation Kit 5’s


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