Folic Acid 400µg Tablets

Folic Acid is a member of the B group vitamins. It plays an important role in normal blood formation, amino acid synthesis, and a healthy immune function. Folic Acid also contributes to maternal tissue growth during pregnancy.

What Are Folic Acid Tablets For?

  • Folic acid is known as folate, a form of the B group vitamins
  • Contributes to the formation of red blood cells
  • Folate is required during the period of infancy or pregnancy for the rapid cell division
  • Folate is also involved in the synthesis; repair and functioning of DNA


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Who Are Folic Acid Tablets For?

  • Women who are trying to conceive or are already in  their first trimester
  • Women who suffer from heart problems
  • Those who have low red blood cell count

When Should I Take Folic Acid Tablets?

With regard to pregnancy, Folic Acid tablets should be taken from when methods of contraception are no longer being used right through until the end of the 12th week of pregnancy.

Recommended Daily Intake of Folic Acid Tablets:

Adults and children over 12 years of age, one tablet daily. Do not exceed recommended daily intake unless advised by a suitably qualified person.

Folic Acid 400µg Tablets
Folic Acid 400µg Tablets


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