Scholl Athletes Foot Powder 75g

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Powder is a treatment for athlete’s foot which helps to kill the fungi which cause infection. Dust it onto your feet or into your socks and shoes to treat your athlete’s foot infection, ease your symptoms, and help to keep it from coming back.


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Athlete’s foot is a fungal skin infection which begins between your toes and can spread to the soles and sides of your feet. It can be itchy and uncomfortable, and can sometimes cause cracks, fluid-filled blisters, and sore patches in the skin.

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Powder contains the active ingredient tolnaftate, which is an antifungal medication. This means it kills the fungi which cause the athlete’s foot infection, treating the infection at the source and helping to soothe symptoms of irritation and itching caused by athlete’s foot. It can also be used in your shoes to target any remaining fungi which may be there, helping to prevent re-infection.

There are no known restrictions for using this foot powder during pregnancy or while breastfeeding. However, you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist before using this or any other medication during these times.

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Powder is not known to interact with any other medications. However, if you are taking any other medicines, we would still recommend asking your doctor or pharmacist before using this product, so you can be sure that they’re safe to use together.

Before using Scholl Athlete’s Foot Powder, wash and dry the affected area thoroughly. Dust feet liberally with powder twice every day, making sure to dust between the toes. For extra protection from athlete’s foot, sprinkle a little of this product into your socks, shoes, or hosiery. Continue treatment for 2 weeks after symptoms disappear to help prevent the infection from returning. If your symptoms haven’t improved after 10 days of treatment, speak to your doctor for advice.

Scholl Athlete’s Foot Powder is not suitable for use on nail or scalp infections. Do not use this product if you are allergic to tolnaftate, corn starch, or talc. For use on the skin only, avoid contact with eyes or other sensitive areas.

Scholl Athletes Foot Powder 75g
Scholl Athletes Foot Powder 75g


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