Sterimar Breathe Easy Daily Nasal Spray 100ml

STERIMAR Breathe Easy Daily is a medicated device recommended for children and adults to help:
  • Cleanse and wash impurities (dust mucous, allergens…)
  • Moisturise and restore the natural moisture of the nasal lining (heating, air conditioning)
  • Prevent Ear, Nose and Throat disorders by strengthening the nasal lining’s defenses
  • Improve breathing and so enhancing the quality of sleep


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Sterimar Nasal Spray is a form of treatment that uses natural ingredients to help reduce the symptoms of an allergy. It uses natural seawater instead of any drugs to help relieve the effects of allergic rhinitis. This nasal spray works by cleaning out the nasal passages using the seawater and reducing the number of allergens in the nose.

Allergic rhinitis is when the nose is affected by an allergy and becomes inflamed. This can cause symptoms including sneezing, or a blocked or a runny nose. It is commonly caused by conditions such as hay fever, or any other allergy. There is no cure but the effects can be treated and reduced.

This nasal spray is suitable to be used by adults and children aged 3 years and over, thanks to the natural ingredients that it uses. For children under the age of 3, Sterimar Baby Nasal Spray is recommended. Speak to a professional for advice on the best nasal spray for your child.

There is no evidence of any problems when using this nasal spray when pregnant or breastfeeding. Though, as always, it is recommended that you speak to a doctor before using any medication.

The chances of interference when using this nasal spray and another type of medication is minimal. This is because Sterimar only uses natural ingredients.

The spray should be used by keeping straight and placing the nozzle straight up the nostril. Spray once or twice in each nostril and blow it afterwards, making sure that any excess fluid is removed. If you need a deeper cleansing of the nostrils, then tilt your head and place the nozzle in the nostril and spray for 2-3 seconds once in each nostril. Blow your nose after use and clean the nozzle with warm, soapy water. Use the nasal spray between 2-6 times a day.

Sterimar Breathe Easy Daily Nasal Spray 100ml
Sterimar Breathe Easy Daily Nasal Spray 100ml


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