Sterimar Congestion Relief Sea Water Nasal Spray

This Sterimar Congestion Relief Nasal Spray is a treatment that helps to provide relief for nasal congestion that makes breathing more difficult. This nasal spray does not contain any drugs, steroids, or preservatives. Instead, it uses natural seawater that has been diluted and enhanced with copper.


  • Congestion
  • Colds
  • Rhinitis
  • Sinusitis
  • Rhinopharyngitis


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Sterimar Congestion Relief is a unique sea water base nasal spray recommended by doctors. It naturally helps relieve congestion and prevent the onset of colds and infections.
The formulation, rich in sea minerals gently washes away cold causing germs before they develop and helps drain fluids from the nasal mucosa allowing you to breathe naturally.
Sterimar Congestion Relief gently helps re balance nasal functions for your body to better fight infections and keep a healthy nose.
Sterimar Congestion Relief is 100% natural. It is preservative and steroid free. It is so gentle that it can be used by children from 3 years, breast-feeding women and people who cannot use medication. It has no rebound congestion effect.

Suitable for

Adults and children from 3 years of age.

How to use

Use 2 to 6 times a day for a short period of use or as long as your doctor recommends.
Sterimar Congestion Relief can be used on its own or with your medication to improve efficacy.

  • Prime the spray by briefly pressing the nozzle.
  • Insert the nozzle into one nostril.
  • Press briefly without tilting your head backwards or sniffing and remove.
  • Blow your nose.
  • Repeat in other nostril.

Clean the nozzle after application with soapy water, rinse and dry.
Sterimar is easy to use at any angle.
Sterimar Congestion Relief has a unique nozzle that disperses the solution in very fine droplets for increased efficacy.

Sterimar Congestion Relief Sea Water Nasal Spray
Sterimar Congestion Relief Sea Water Nasal Spray


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